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The Outer Worlds 2 may be coming sooner than expected

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds was one of the best RPGs of the year when it came out. With interesting characters, tons of compelling story, and an intriguing backdrop. Sci-fi nerds and RPG fans alike seemed to love it, I know I did. The base game was met with rave reviews, although some gamers felt it was a little too shallow and predictable. Obsidian later improved the experience with DLC as well.

Fans were keen to jump back into the world of Halcyon colonies and try to undo the injustices, or maybe even inflict more, when the game and DLC ended. Now that looks like it could be possible. No, there’s not another DLC pack coming, but there is some good news. And it looks like we’re in for some more good news this week. It turns out that The Outer Worlds 2 could already be in the works.

The details come courtesy of Daniel Ahmad, Niko Partners analyst, who has been known to be a pretty prolific leaker over the years. “Last I heard a new entry in the franchise is being explored, currently in pre-production,”  said the initial response. “Could change into something else, of course, but this is the current status,” he added, saying that it’s still too early to call anything concrete. The game could change, or the project could be canceled. It’s likely that Obsidian is workshopping the initial pitch at the moment and will then move into full production if it moves forward.

As it’s so early in the game’s development, it’s impossible to know what could be coming. There are no story details or even a basic framework at this point. It’s safe to assume we would see some returning characters, I hope Parvati is doing well, and that we get to see what’s going on with her and rest of the crew in The Outer Worlds 2.

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