Null Sec Alliance Drama

The North Burns Part Four – SMA Drama Intensifies


As MBC and CFC/Imperium forces continue to engage each other on the field of battle, Spacemonkey’s Alliance is suffering in Fade. As of this week, Fade has all but fallen to MBC forces; with Pandemic Horde claiming the most systems, including the former SMA staging system of O1Y-ED.

The drama with SMA leaving Fade has now gotten even weirder. SMA director Winet, who was at the center of the controversy involving his alliance and I Want ISK, has since caused more internal strife. Winet originally dropped his roles in the alliance, and then quickly returned with new characters. Winet quickly used these new aliases to try and poach corps from SMA into a new alliance that he wanted to helm. This plan backfired when those same corps notified SMA diplomats of Winet’s attempts at poaching. A sample recording from SMA comms can be heard below.

The resulting disgust over such actions drove away members from all levels of the alliance, including prominent public face Kyle Aparthos. Member reaction to these departures can be summed up by this chat excerpt.

mcloven [2:16 PM] I dont even know how to explain whats going on yet, can you give me a few
twizzlespark [2:16 PM] Yeah.
mcloven [2:23 PM] bunch of our officers just walked. Very upset right now. people who no longer wanted to deal with the imperium its not just officers
twizzlespark [2:23 PM] Who are we going to be losing?
mcloven [2:24 PM] probably 1/2 of SMA if not more.

The war grinds on, looking progressively worse for the defenders.  Allied forces have begun prioritizing strategic targets ahead of the inevitable invasion of Deklein. With 8 Super Capital Assembly Arrays destroyed in the month of April alone, the clear aim is to hurt the CFC/Imperium in terms of economic and military prowess.

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While both sides continue to engage in a war of words in subreddits, media site comment sections and other assorted “theaters”, losses continue to pile up. Discussion and attempts to estimate ISK losses in this war peg the totals in the Trillions.

The constant brawling has led to some rather embarrassing circumstances for CFC/Imperium forces. The most recent of which was a Hel-class Super Carrier belonging to SMA being dropped by Pandemic Legion, in the Imperium’s LowSec staging no less. While it’s much harder to hold down the PL Supers in LowSec, these kinds of losses send a message of weakness to the enemies of The Imperium. It seems the claims of stagnation decreasing skill and motivation being leveled at Imperium pilots are starting to show some form of validity.

But who knows, EVE Online is a strange game and the meta-game of politics and subterfuge is even crazier, things could certainly go any direction.

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