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The Initiative capture N3 station in XS-K10 Immensea

EVE Online Capital Fleet

In the early morning of the 13th of December, 2014, The Initiative. managed to capture a station in the N3 stronghold of Immensea, taking it from the Northern Coalition. renter alliance, Northern Associates.

Northern Coalition., who have recently withdrawn their super capital fleet from their staging system in Delve, from which they were trying to strike into CFC space in fountain, did not form up to help their renter alliance, instead leaving it to their N3 coalition members Gentlemen’s.Club, DARKNESS., Skeleton Crew. and The Kadeshi.

According to information I’ve received, the N3 forces formed up for the final timer on their titan with a fleet of Ishtars and Scimitar logistic cruisers with assorted tackle in GXK. Unexpectedly, the N3 forces decided not to use the titan bridge and, after waiting for around an hour on their titan, decided to burn to the target system to protect their station.

The hour delay however, was a godsend for The Initiative., who downed the defenders’ TCU before flipping the station and planting their own TCU. When the combined N3 forces did arrive in the system the The Initiative. had them well scouted, and decided that even though they were outnumbered, they would stay and fight. The fight went down on the station with the N3 on zero and then warping up to a ping 100km above the The Initiative. forces. The Initiative. started taking down Ishtars, killing around 4 of the N3 heavy assault cruisers for each one lost.

The Initiative. fleet numbered around 90 pilots, which included around sixty Ishtars and ten or so Scimitars with assorted bombers, tackle and recon cruisers making up the remainder of the fleet.  Of this they lost four of their Ishtars, three of their Scimitars and some of their tackle for a total loss of  just 1.5 billion ISK. The N3 fleet on the other hand numbered around one hundred and forty pilots and included eighty plus Ishtars, of which they lost nearly half in the fight. The N3 forces also lost a few other things including a logistics cruiser and a combat recon. The N3 losses in this fight totaled over ten times The Initiative.’s losses, at approximately 12.4 billion ISK.

After the main fight a small force of The Initiative. chased the N3 forces into the neighbouring system of 4DV-1T and managed to catch a couple more. This included the Crane pilot, Advent Etherean of Gentlemen’s.Club who had, in the event that they managed to defend the system, brought a new TCU along. Points for positive thinking?

The little skirmish in 4DV-1T added another 1.5 billion ISK lost to the N3 forces total, bringing it up to just shy of 15 billion for the entire engagement, while The Initiative. lost a further 300 million ISK.
Here is a video of the fight, it is pretty slow and the FC’s voice, along with some pretty calming music, almost put me to sleep but is definitely worth a watch just for the excellent fleet positioning.

Full battle report for XS-K10 can be found here

Battle report for 4DV-T

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