The Goblin Strikes Again


Gevlon Goblin published a short piece on EN24 today. The intent there, and the message was on point, but it seems dear Gevlon let his opinion of himself go to his head. He seems to think his message of blatant hatred for the GSF, and barely contained contempt for “less skilled” EVE players is somehow not obvious.

I’ll say this, I like the GSF to a degree, and I like their leadership. The “we give zero fucks” way in which they approach autocracy in EVE is to be respected. And in contrast, I also like BRAVE.  Their approach of placing the fun of their newbies over the “traditional” nullsec structure of being more rigid and militaristic is also worthy of admiration. I don’t feel that GG is being entirely truthful about the situation, seemingly for the sake of making an anti-goon hit piece.

GG is right, leadership is sorely lacking in EVE in general, and a lot of players are risk averse and timid. I however disagree that BRAVE is doomed and should be poached by larger groups.  If everyone wanted to do the same thing in nullsec, BRAVE would have no issues with numbers or organization to hold their SOV.  The same would also be true for any other alliance facing similar issues.  Being dismissive and overbearing is not how you nurture leadership.  There’s a delicate balance between being forceful and guiding that must be struck.  I’ve always envisioned the best teachers for prospective leaders as wise and kind, but fierce and determined when the time calls for it.

Sure, there are challenges of logistics and economics that BRAVE needs to deal with, but those can be solved by a combination of introspection and asking for help.  Figuring out what works best for BRAVE, while using advice from others to counter issues those within BRAVE might not consider.  It won’t be easy or fun, but it is absolutely necessary.

In the end, I find myself agreeing with noted leaders in EVE, autocracy works.  And BRAVE needs to find a way to make it work for them.

As far as GG trying to paint N3 as somehow obligated to poach talent from BRAVE, N3 isn’t going to do anything that doesn’t help them.  Could N3 use the numbers?  Sure, but one must also consider BRAVE.  Simply pushing talent from BRAVE to N3 does nothing if those new members drop off in a few months.  Especially if there’s no new talent to replace them.  And not every newbie wants to join a large SOV-centric entity like CFC or N3.  And it appears his basis for this conclusion is the history of TEST.  Simply because there may be similarities, it doesn’t mean that BRAVE will follow the same path.

It feels to me like GG simply wants to find any possible excuse to attack the CFC.  Whatever those reasons may be, I don’t see them being strong enough to turn New Eden into a de facto war on the CFC backed by GG.  Despite that being the exact thing the “GRR” project seems to be going for.

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