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The End is Nigh and ABZU are now free on Epic Games Store, Conarium next week

Conarium Coming to Consoles Next Month

We’re back again with more news about the Epic Games Store, and this time it’s more good news, as Epic is giving away more free games. It looks like they’re definitely doubling down on the strategy of getting their foot in the door of public awareness by firing mountains of free games into our laps. So this week, we’ve got two new titles, with a third video game being given away next week. Let’s just hope they manage to avoid a controversy mine for now, although there’s plenty floating around already.

First up, is ABZU. this is a very short game, focusing more on creating a memorable experience rather than feeding on your free time like a vampire. The game itself takes place in a vibrant ocean world full of color and life, and your journey through it will be filled with wonder and relaxation. As the sea life swims around you and the player gets immersed in the feeling and themes of the world, it’s definitely a vibrant and memorable experience if you’re into a simple game built around experimenting with aquatic physics.

You can see that title down below.

The other free game this week from Epic is a lot more fast-paced and frantic, with a ton more action going on, it’s none other than The End is Nigh. This action platforming title offers 00+ levels, 12+ explorable chapters, 20+ collectibles and dozens of high-energy mini-games to enjoy. It’s a pretty major contrast with the previous title, but if you’re looking for expansive platforming fun, this is worth a shot for the wonderful price of $0.

Of course Epic isn’t shying away from the terror either, as the free title for next week is getting its spook on. Conarium will come to the PC gaming storefront on September 12, and of course it will be free for everyone. Conarium is your typical walking sim horror game from Iceberg. And being steeped in the Cthulhu mythos, it boasts plenty of mystery and mind-bending scares. We actually reviewed it for the Xbox One a while back, it was actually pretty good. Check it out in the trailer down below as well.

You can acquire your free copy for The End is Nigh over here and for ABZU head over here. Conarium will drop onto the platform on September 12th, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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