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The best Battletech mod, Roguetech, has been updated for Urban Warfare

RogueTech Mod

It’s time for fans of massive robots to get rather excited, as one of the best mods for the genre has just been updated. Roguetech, the mod compilation for Battletech by Harebrained Schemes, has finally been patched to support version 1.6.2 of the base game. Support for the newest DLC has also been implemented.

While the original Battletech and Roguetech are essentially the same base idea, the gameplay is so radically different in practice that Roguetech is basically an entirely new game.

The sheer volume of mechs and equipment in Roguetech is insane. You get access to everything from Power Armour to full on Assault and Heavy Mechs. These new tiers of hardware offer a huge amount of destructive power at your fingertips. The rebalances to LosTech, ClanTech and other rare loot make farming for these items much more enjoyable as well.

Speaking of rebalances, the changes to Roguetech for the 1.6.2 version of Battletech offer fixes and reworks to content from both the Flashpoint and new Urban Warfare expansions. So let’s start with some new units and other reworks. Omnimechs got balanced out by having specific hardpoints that allow players to create more specialized weapons platforms. There’s even a new VTOL option for units in battle. A bunch of other optional modules have been reworked.

A bunch of gameplay changes have been put in as well. Reputation with the various factions has been redone. The gist is that planets closer to home worlds are easier in combat, also all planets scale with the base rep of a faction.

The install process is as simple as ever, by simply downloading and installing two file bundles, you can take dozens of mechs onto the battlefield with ease and glee. Be warned though, the Community Asset Bundle which is the core files of the mod is pretty big, clocking in at over 2 GB.

If you want to see more of the game in its base form, check out our review. Roguetech is a free mod pack for Battletech which completely overhauls the game. And if you want the full patch notes for the base 1.6.2 patch, those are down below. If you require some help installing Roguetech, check out the install guide. If you want to see the patch notes for RogueTech, check them out on the wiki.

Release 1.6.2 Notes, 6/20/2019

From the Community

  • Fixed an enemy spawning issue that could prevent the story campaign mission ‘Liberation: Tyrlon’ from being completed
  • The AI no longer freezes when trying to target units with seven or more evasion pips
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t accept a contract even though you were honored in the stated faction
  • Reloading a combat save no longer causes enemy ‘Mechs to ignore active stealth charges
  • The Raven ‘Mech cannot be encountered in combat before completing the ‘Prototype’ flashpoint
  • XML Audio files have been removed, this may address the AKSoundEngine crash for some players
  • Fixed a DLC unlock issue that prevented players using the PDX Launcher from successfully accessing all DLC content


  • Pathfinding for AI going to a zone has been improved.
  • When fleeing during Assassination contracts the AI is now less likely to become stuck
  • The AI will now be more aggressive when it has a ‘Mech with ECM capabilities
  • When in an enemy ECM field the AI now makes better decisions regarding firing while cloaked
  • Active probe now targets units that were revealed in the current round by the AI


  • Fixed UI issues with some German and Russian strings overrunning text boxes
  • Updated translations for improved accuracy
  • Added more translations


  • A new option has been added to reduce the number of props and visual effects in Urban biomes. You can find it in the ‘Settings Menu’ Video: Advanced tab
  • Smoke VFX now dissipates properly after buildings collapse. This was affecting performance for some users

Map Graphics

  • Resolved several instances of textures flickering
  • Fixed ground plates swapping on save/load on urban maps
  • Removed several instances of buildings hiding within other buildings
  • Fixed many issues of urban props penetrating buildings or other props
  • Grounded several urban props that were floating in mid-air
  • Replaced a number of missing urban textures


  • ‘ECM Missile Defense’ now applies to units that enter an ECM field in which a hostile is positioned
  • The player is now correctly shown when an ECM carrier will lose stealth charges while plotting a move of the ECM field over multiple enemies
  • The ‘Missile Defense’ icon no longer displays on the movement flag when units leave an ECM field
  • ECM blurring effects now follow a ‘Mech during melee
  • Multiple toast messages no longer appear over units that migrate between an ECM field with no hostile units and an ECM field in which at least one hostile unit is positioned
  • ECM cloaking VFX now conform better around non-assault ‘Mechs
  • Electrical field effects are no longer obstructed by Non-DLC ‘Mech ECM bubbles
  • Coolant field game effects should now better match visual pool locations
  • Small dots no longer appear on part of the coolant splash pool
  • Added more environmental sounds to urban biomes
  • Building collapse sounds now play over pilot barks
  • Flowing water sound effects are now more prevalent in Urban biomes
  • You can now review the Raven tutorial in the Mech Bay once unlocked in the ‘Prototype’ flashpoint
  • In the flashpoint ‘Double Agent’ ally ‘Mechs no longer spawn on the same grid node
  • Removed a redundant payment increase prompt from The ‘Tournament of Champions’ flashpoint
  • A character is no longer present in the mission report after being eliminated during the ‘Tournament of Champions’ flashpoint
  • In the flashpoint ‘Siegebreaker’ the ‘Destroy reinforcement wave’ objectives are no longer doubled on the after action report
  • One of the objectives In the flashpoint ‘Double Agent’ is no longer swapped
  • Darius now gives a warning prompt when starting missions with a weak lance in the flashpoint ‘Siegebreaker’
  • Employer mission debriefs in the flashpoint ‘One Man’s Trash’ now correctly correspond to the right events
  • Enemy transport vehicles no longer lose their objective marker after loading a save file in ‘Liberation: Smithon’
  • Moving a ‘Mech into the transport vehicles destination objective no longer fails the related objectives in the campaign mission: ‘Liberation: Smithon’
  • Destroying all enemies in a contract now triggers an ending dialogue in several of the new contract types
  • Withdrawing from the ‘Test Drive’ mission no longer displays an “Error” name or blank portrait
  • Future evac zones are now visible in more contract types
    Several rooftops in the Capitol Hill map can now be landed on that were previously unreachable
  • The side objective of ‘Protect all Condo Complex Buildings’ now fails when the first building gets destroyed
  • When completing the second mission of ‘SiegeBreaker’ destroying both forces no longer causes an error
  • The player can no longer target a hostile if the unit that was spotting them is destroyed and then the opposing force attacks any of the player’s ‘Mechs while in the ‘untargetable’ state
  • ‘Sensors Impaired’ flags now only display in the status panel
  • Armor bars now properly display when right-clicking cloaked units
  • Coolant pools no longer apply ‘+1 to hit from’ and ‘+1 to hit into’ difficulty modifiers
  • The Gallant Urban Assault Tank now has headlights
  • The ‘Meeting Archangel’ event’s outcome no longer displays an error in lieu of the pilot’s callsign
  • Two placeholder dialogues at the end of ‘The Gauntlet’ contract have been removed
  • Region flags are now displayed during procedural contracts played on the ‘Barter Town’ map
  • ‘Restore Defaults’ no longer automatically saves changes made in ‘Difficulty Settings’
  • Tooltips describing the injury mechanic are now properly evoked
  • Enemy units no longer get stuck when spawning during ‘Target Acquisition’ contracts on certain map
  • Electrical transformer field effects no longer hang in the air after a building is destroyed
  • Morale tooltips now appear when hovering over highlighted ‘Morale’ information
  • Color swatches are no longer set to red when the player re-enters a MechWarrior’s
  • Customization Menu after reloading a combat save file
  • Beacons for allied forces now highlight the correct position during ‘Capture Escort’ contracts on the Power Structure map
  • Destroyed ‘Mechs no longer periodically revert back to their default state after loading a combat save
  • In Career Mode, the total score multiplier has more tooltip information regarding its minimum value
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Known Issues

  • Small amounts of text remain untranslated
  • ‘Mechs location destruction SFX are audible only at certain camera positions when an ECM field is active during their destruction

IMPORTANT: Additional note for players who mod various game files…Reminder that modding is not officially supported. If you have saved a game with any mod active, that saved game will not work after an update has been applied unless you replace all modded files exactly as they were when the save game file was created. Saved games require the exact same data state in order to function properly.

Roll Back
It is possible to revert to past versions of our game in case you have trouble with this update. For more platform specific information go to our forums at:

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