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Tetris 99 is getting offline singleplay as DLC

Tetris 99

Tetris 99 is a new fusion of battle royale and the legendary puzzle game that’s been taking the internet by storm these last few months. A group of up to 99 players compete against each other in real-time simply by playing Tetris. Players can “attack” each other by sending lines and excess blocks around the arena to other players, completely screwing up another player and their progression.

But now, with the advent of two new game modes as DLC, the puzzle-battler (that’s a weird phrase I never thought I’d say) will get even more intense. The newly announced DLC pack will include two new modes aimed at smaller scale games of Tetris 99. Local Arena mode allows players to participate in smaller 8-player games. There’s also a two-player mode called 2P Share Battle that’s being implemented.

The game also already has it’s first DLC, Big Block with allows players to take on the CPU or a solo-only marathon mode.  So with this new DLC, gameplay options are about to get a lot more fun for you and your friends.

And according to Nintendo UK, the game is even getting a physical release for the Switch later in 2019.

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This is great news, as it will also include the aforementioned Big Block DLC. Tetris 99 will be out exclusively for Switch on September 20th.

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