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Terminator: Resistance looks like the most generic shooter ever

Terminator: Resistance Release Date

As our last bit of coverage on this game pointed out, the new Terminator game is coming soon. And during EGX 2019, some of the development team from Teyon had some footage to show of the new game. And sadly, it doesn’t look all that exciting. The game is being made by the same group of people who made that god-awful Rambo game, and while Terminator: Resistance has ditched the on-rails shooting and terrible animation, there’s not much more going on here besides a very generic FPS with Terminator trimming.

Teyon is putting players in the role of Jacob Rivers, an LA-based resistance fighter who is trying to help humanity survive against the lethal Skynet. But even the story, which is told through a mission-based structure, echoes plenty of other games and designs from other the years, and not in an inspiring way. It’s set during the Future War element of the canon, which translates to the ruined husks of human civilization being stalked by T-800s. It just feels like this game lacks inspiration, and we already had a garbage tie-in game in this setting with the Terminator Salvation game. And much like that bland pile of a film, the hero of Terminator: Resistance is special and has been marked for termination for some asinine reason, because of course he has.

My personal opinion is that the game looks really anemic. Even though it uses Unreal 4, the game seems to lack any real depth to the visuals or gameplay. The combat looks like a pretty generic corridor shooter with basic stealth elements, although the added thermal vision helps spice up the theme a bit. The fact that there’s a Frogger-inspired hacking mini-game is so peak mid-2000’s game design that it feels really dated. The level on show here doesn’t really do anything for me in terms of hyping up the game. Sorry, but I can’t fake enthusiasm like the people in the footage below.

Given that the game comes out in less than a month, it’s pretty safe to say that this new footage is pretty close to the final look and feel of the title on launch. If you want to watch the whole thing to get a better feel for what that will look like, the footage is down below. It might not be a bad game, at least I hope not, but don’t go into it expecting AAA storytelling and polish.

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Terminator: Resistance will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 15th this year.

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