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Temtem facing massive stability issues and player numbers on launch day

Temtem is just Pokemon

It would seem that the idea of a massively-multiplayer Pokémon game on PC was a big hit. The original Kickstarter helped Crema raise $573,939 in funds, signaling that there may be a huge hit on the way. Developer Crema has been quietly working on the PC game in the background, and now the launch is ready. Of course it’s still an Early Access title, so there’s going to be plenty of bugs.

Fans have completely dominated the servers for the game, just by trying to sign up for the game. Temtem developer Crema has pushed emergency patches and hotfixes to the game to help with stability. Hopefully all the new tamers who join the game in the coming weeks find a better experience. The battles are already pretty smooth and fun to play, so there’s some bugs to iron out to make the experience A+.

Crema also published a bigger patch as part of the launch, pushing new features and improvements. There are some better translations for various languages. Animations for a few things in the gameplay and UI have been tweaked too. A handful of bugs with UI elements have been dealt with and made the game a bit more clear with some information, like battle output and the like. Check out the full patch notes from Temtem’s latest update.

If you’re one of those new players in Temtem, you might be a little lost. If you’re having trouble grasping game mechanics, we have some help for you. Temtem is a monster collecting game very similar to Pokémon, so the there’s the need for a type weakness guide. There’s also a guide on the Starter Temtems.

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