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Temtem blows past 500,000 sales, and that’s awesome

Temtem has sold 500K copies

Temtem is the newly release early access release from Spanish developer Crema, and it’s going quite well, considering that it’s basically a Pokemon clone. Temtem is a game all about collecting Temtem as a Tamer. You and thousands of other players explore a whimsical island chain inhabited by various monsters that you can then battle for gain and glory. Sounds a lot like the Pokemon MMO we all wanted, and it looks like hundreds of thousands of gamers agree with that, as the game has blown past a huge sales milestone.

The announcement that Temtem has reached 500,000 copies sold has been revealed this week on Twitter, with fans looking really happy about the prospects this sales success holds. The game launched on Steam and Humble Bundle on January 21st, and immediately exploded all over the internet. The online adventure game initially had a Kickstarter run which was fairly successful, so the new figure includes those numbers as well, just for clarity.

It’s very easy to see why Temtem has done so well. The fully MMO adventure not only has online battles but also a fully cooperative campaign that you can take on with your friends. Crema is working on new areas, roster expansions and more competitive online battling options too. The amount of character customization is pretty nuts too, you can truly make your avatar your own here. Finally, there’s a ton of exploration to do. Temtem has lots of hidden quests and other stuff to find and deal with.

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Crema has been slowly adding new content in successive patches, with focus on plenty of new roster additions, gameplay loops, and even new zones. Patch 0.5.12 adds the Saipark, a new Safari Zone-like area that allows players to collect rare Luma (the equivalent of Shiny) spawns each week. There’s a bit of challenge involved in accessing the Saipark, as you need special Saicards, not normal Temcards, to take part in the mini-adventure.

Each week, two new Temtem spawn within the Saipark, and there’s an increased chance they spawn as Luma variants. And with the patch also nerfing normal Luma spawn rates, it’s a good idea to head here to go hunting for the special variants.

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