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Team Sonic Racing showcases latest stage, Hidden Volcano

Sonic Racing Game Announced

Team Sonic Racing is speeding toward its inevitable release, and even though the game was delayed, fans of the franchise are still really excited to see the blue hedgehog of legend blaze around the track with both friends and enemies when the game finally does release. Now Sega and Sumo Digital are bringing out a new tease for another new track which will feature in the game.

It’s time to burn rubber, and basically everything else around you, on Hidden Volcano. This map is an incredibly complicated mix of verticality and terrain obstacles. Complete with both ice chunks and flowing lava, players will need excellent timing to be able to avoid all of the problems. This interesting mix is the product of the lesser-known Glacier Land. This zone has featured in several zones in previous Sonic titles, Sonic 3‘s Ice Cap zone and Sonic & Knuckles’ Lava Reef zone, for example.

Here’s a quote describing the track:

Hidden Volcano is a lava zone course hidden deep within the ice-covered Glacier Land area. This area is distinguished by its lumps of ice created by the scorching hot magma within the iceberg and complicated terrain due to lava rocks. It requires calm judgment and bold technique to conquer its slippery ice roads and varying bumpiness caused by tears in the earth. At the starting line, a lava giant towers above the track and swings its fist downward to block the racers’ path forward.

Sounds like a pretty cool track idea that will challenge plenty a driver when the game launches. Check out some screenshots of Hidden Volcano down below.

Speaking of launches, Team Sonic Racing is planned for release on May 21, 2019 for Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and PC. In the meantime, you can go check out some cool gameplay footage of some of the abilities in the racing game. There’s also some footage of teams like Team Rose, for example.

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