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Team Sonic Racing highlights abilities in new gameplay trailer

Sonic Racing Game Announced

Team Sonic Racing is revving up the hype train prior to release of the racing game with a series of short gameplay trailers displaying the various gameplay mechanics at play. The first one has just dropped from developer Sumo Digital and publisher SEGA, and it focuses on a variety of in-race abilities designed to even the odds between racers.

The core gameplay mechanics are team-based, so you’ll need to use your abilities and driving skills to make sure you and your friends come out on top of the podium at the end. To accomplish this, the game hands players all manner of items and special abilities to buff their teams, or mess with other rival drivers. These “Wisps” take many different forms. Skimboost for example, is a helpful speed boost for drivers lagging behind the rest of the pack. Players can also draft behind one another to gain Slingshot speed boosts when passing.

Teams can also share Wisps in the middle of races. So say one of your teammates is near the front and needs help passing the leader, a well-timed Item Box Transfer can make the difference between victory or defeat. Finally, players can fill up a Team Ultimate meter to use an Ultimate Attack that wipes out the competition. These are essentially total reset buttons that are sure to sew chaos in multiplayer races.

Check out the newest Team Sonic Racing trailer down below. Team Sonic Racing debuts on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in December 2018. We can expect more news about the game at Gamescom 2018, until then, you can learn more at the official site.

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