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Switch Firmware 7.0.0 adds profile icons and expands language support

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The newest firmware update for the Switch, version 7.0.0, is out, and it adds a few new features that gamers have been asking for from the big N.

7.0.0-30 is primarily a stability update with a few extra bits thrown in. This is being left intentionally vague as to what that means though. There have been some minor change to usability, making a few menus easier to navigate or understand, but the most impactful changes on this front appear to be under the hood.

There were rumblings that the update would change the TSEC (Tegra Security Co-processor) keys the console uses to handle its cryptographic functions. The keys and associated Falcon processors are an integral part of the security design of the Switch console, so changes on this front are of particular interest to modders and software hackers. And while it hasn’t been explicitly confirmed, modding teams are already hard at work unpacking the update and looking for anything changed by the patch, and updating their code to compensate. Generally speaking, console modders should refrain from applying the new firmware patch until their chosen software has been confirmed to work with it.

One of the major new additions is the inclusion of profile icons, and there are some pretty cool choices on that front. Many of these icons are based on new profile icons based on New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Peachette and the Super Crown are among the many new icons, as are a great many other legendary Nintendo characters. Just don’t expect a Bowsette anytime soon.

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The Switch will also get expanded support for Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese languages as a result of this patch.

There are still lots of missing features which Nintendo could include. Gamers are still clamoring for expanded categories and apps within the eShop, such as music. The console could also use some love on the themes aspect. The “light” and “dark” choices are nice, but could do with some expansion. The Switch is also noticeably lacking in support for folders to sort and apps by within the menus.

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