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Surviving Mars announces new terraforming expansion

Surviving Mars announces new terraforming expansion

Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games have collaborated on this incredible little game you may have heard of, called Surviving Mars. This fiendish title is about, as the name implies, making a go of it on the red planet. Surviving Mars takes a small team of scientists and plops them onto the distant world, giving them a variety of challenges to overcome, all in the hopes that they survive.

Over the course of the game, players will need to meet various industrial, agricultural and engineering needs with some ambitious projects and new technology. Surviving Mars is as much about thriving as it is anything else, so it’s a natural progression that terraforming be added to the game. That’s just what the new expansion does.

Here’s an official overview of this new expansion from the publisher:

“Seed the surface of Mars with various lichen, grass, shrubs, or trees and watch as they begin to turn the Red Planet green. Low maintenance plants like Lichen can improve the soil quality to help more complex plants grow while Trees produce high seed yields for your colony to harvest.”

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The new Green Planet expansion will of course, turn the iconic red planet green, but not with envy. If anything those stuck on boring old Earth will be the ones made envious, at least in the fictional universe of Surviving Mars. Check out the trailer for the new DLC down below.

The expansion is planned to launch this June for PC, via Steam and GOG.

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