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Supermassive Games announces The Dark Pictures Anthology

Dark Pictures Anthology

Supermassive Games, the developers behind the excellent Until Dawn, have announced a new horror game. The company will be working with Bandai Namco to develop an episodic horror game. The first episode–Man of Medan–is slated for launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019.

We got to see the first tease of this new game at Gamescom 2018, then the game got some coverage over at the Playstation Blog, which discussed the game in greater detail.

The Dark Pictures anthology will be a significant departure from the groundwork laid by games like Until Dawn. While it will still function as s deterministic horror game built upon player choice. Things are getting a lot more spooky this time around.

The games will also be a lot more replayable due to a lot more branching narratives and choices. And there’s a lot more variance in these stories as well. For example, every character will be able to live or die depending on branching storyline and gameplay decisions.

And while we’ve only seen the first story with Man of Medan, Supermassive Games has teased that they have lots more stories on the docket. Supermassive has “identified 39” different stories in the horror sub-genres that they would like to tell. And we may not know how long each episode in The Dark Pictures will be, we can expect lots of longevity out of this franchise if it turns out to be successful. It should be really terrifying, in a cool way, to see what kinds of games Supermassive can come up with during these efforts.

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Check out the announcement trailer for Man of Medan down below. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan will be making its debut sometime in 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You should also check out the official site if you want to learn more.

The story of Man of Medan starts off on a dive boat in the South Pacific. With a rumoured WWII wreck to find, and plenty of on-deck partying to be had, our group of 4 young Americans and their skipper Fliss get ready for what should be the trip of a lifetime…but it doesn’t go quite to plan.

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