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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has gone gold

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has 100+ Stages

So it turns out that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already pushing the boundaries of expectations weeks ahead of release. It turns out that the upcoming title for the Nintendo Switch has recently gone gold just now. It looks like the FGC is excited about this, as they should be, because this may well become the best Smash game ever made.

“Going Gold” means that the game data has been copied to the golden master discs that manufacturers use to create copies of the title. So it also means that gamers will start receiving their copies very soon indeed.

Game director Masahiro Sakurai had some more to say to Famitsu magazine about the progress of development on the title. The game is feature-complete, with it’s massive roster of fighters and stages that fill out the fighting games modes for fans to enjoy. The game is seemingly in the final stages of manufacturing, due for shipping out to stores and distributors later this month.

Sakurai also revealed a bit more about the post-launch content plans as well. He revealed that the Piranha Plant fighter will come a couple of months after the launch of the main game. Of course that’s just the beginning of the games roster and other expanded content. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features more than 70 fighters across all manner of gaming properties. Street Fighter favorites like Ken and Ryu, Pokemon like Incineroar, and a whole slew of different Nintendo characters from over the years.

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This massively expanded roster compared to previous games also joins a bunch of new game modes. there’s a new story mode starring Kirby, as well as a special Spirit Battles mode meant to add tons of challenge and customization options to fights. And that’s just scratching the surface of what’s possible in the upcoming fighting game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is due out exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 7.

If you’re excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, let us know down in the comments. If there’s something you think we should know about, feel free to chuck that down there too.

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