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SUDA51’s Killer7 is getting a PC release, has a new trailer

Killer7 PC Release Gets New Trailer

NIS America has unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming PC release of Killer7.

Killer7 is a 2005 action-adventure video game for the GameCube and PlayStation 2, and immediately developed a small but hardcore following due to it’s unique fusion of exploration, shooter mechanics and puzzle-solving. And because it’s a SUDA51 game, it has a huge helping of weirdness thrown in.

The game has a gory and surreal artistic style that definitely adds to the appeal as well. But the draw for some fans is that cooky cast of characters. And it’s these characters who are the focus in the latest trailer. Those characters are: Gracian “The Cleaner” Smith, Dan “The Hellion” Smith and Kevin “Four-Eyes” Smith. All these people have their own unique ability which has a major impact on gameplay, and part of the strategic layer in Killer7 is the efficient and effective use of those abilities.

One of the interesting tweaks with the PC port of the game is that it will be a fully-ported PC version. Which means it will not be using an emulator to run console code on the platform. This should translate to better performance overall for the PC version.

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