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Steam Sale dates leaked for the next three sales

Steam Game Discounts

Three “developer sources” leaked the dates out to Kotaku and now we know when you can start draining your wallet again on cheap PC games.

The Halloween Sale is expected to start on 26 October and run until 1 November. The Autumn Sale for Black Friday will start on 22 November and end on 22 November. Finally, the Winter Sale starts on 21 December and concludes on 4 January.

So there it is, start saving up now, because your wallet is likely to start getting a workout in the next couple of months. And presuming the precedent set by sales the last couple of years holds, there won’t be any flash sales or daily deals. So the price a game is discounted to on day one will be the same it is on the last day of the sale.

Steam Sales 2017

Halloween Sale: October 26th 2017 – November 1st 2017
Autumn Sale (over Black Friday): November 22nd 2017 – November 28th 2017
Winter Sale: December 21st 2017 – January 4th 2018

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