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Starship Corporation releases Cruise Ships DLC

Starship Corporation - Cruise Ships DLC

Starting today, Coronado Games and Iceberg Interactive will let you start your own space cruise line in Startship Corporation.

Startship Corporation lets players design, test and construct their dream spacecraft to fit a variety of roles. You can create cargo ships, military vessels, tech-heavy science vessels or any combination that fits multiple roles. Players must manage these designs while fulfilling contracts for certain types of ships, exploration and other objectives. The game takes place across multiple star systems as you grow your company and earn tons of money to buy even more ships. As your fleet grows, more challenges arise as you have to keep updating your designs with new tech that’s been uncovered. It’s a pretty cool concept. But with the new DLC, there’s another archetype to aim for with your Startship Corporation.

With the release of the new Cruise Ships DLC, players must build their own space cruise line.

With the newest Cruise Ships DLC You’ll need to build pools, sleeping quarters, casinos and all the other luxuries your passengers will want in order to keep them happy. The happier your guests are, the more money you earn. Players must use all the new tools within the DLC to keep the guests milling through their cruises, and thus earning more profit.

Starship Corporation Cruise Ships includes the following new content:

  • 9 new fuselages, from small ferry to large cruise ships
  • 12 new contracts from cruise line companies
  • 16 new recreational facilities
  • New crew type: Steward
  • New Crew Management Mission: Cruise Ship Operation

Starship Corporation is available now on Steam. The Cruise Ships DLC is available on PC for $6.99. Check out our review of Starship Corporation if you think this game might be for you.

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