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Starsector 0.95.1a releases, adding more to hyperspace


Starsector is one of those special indie games that deserves a lot more attention than it gets. Starting out in any number of starts, you can take on the role of a pirate, salvaged or fleet commander within a living star sector. With dozens of systems to explore and an entire storyline around building your stellar empire, the vanilla game alone has a ton of stellar fun to be had. Add into that chaotic mix the modding scene, and there’s everything from new ships and factions, to a mountain of new missions, to fool around with. The new version of the game,

Starsector 0.95.1a, has debuted. The new version will see a shift towards a more living universe in-game with more dynamism added to hyperspace travel being a core focus. The developer announced the new patch via an update on their site. Being a more minor polish and bugfix release, gameplay changes are pretty light.

Check out the overview of the patch notes down below.

  • Skill system changed for more flexible builds with more options
  • Several new game-changing top-tier skills, and other new skills
  • All skills can be re-specced, no more “permanent” skills
  • New ships: Eradicator-class Fast Cruiser, Manticore-class Destroyer, Vanguard-class Frigate
  • Missions show the mission target location prior being accepted
  • Dynamic slipstreams that enable quick and efficient travel in hyperspace
  • Sensor ghosts in hyperspace!
  • Improved early access to ships and weapons through arms dealers
  • Phase cloak changes to make phase ships easier to deal with if they’re outmatched
  • Ship AI improvements; ability to issue a “defend” order targeting a friendly ship
  • Various balance changes to improve variety
  • Modding improvements
  • Assorted bugfixing, polish, and numerous quality-of-life improvements
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