Stardew Valley: How to Light All 4 Candles

Stardew Valley 1.5 update

There are many things you can do in this game. Stardew is quite the casual experience, but its cutesy exterior belies tons of depth. There’s farming of course, but there’s much more to do. There are also a bunch of hidden objectives and special story beats that fire, depending on what choices you make. At its core, this game is all about learning to love yourself and your neighbor. You build your farm to be successful, sure, but Stardew Valley is so much more than that.

There’s a bunch of hidden rare resources you can unlock, if you put the work in. One of the more powerful items is Iridium Ore, and there’s actually a way to get tons of it. It’s tied to your Grandpa. You know, the old guy who gave you this farm in the first place. You need to satisfy their desire to see the farm prosper to get the reward. So let’s talk about how to actually do all of this.

What are the Four Candles used for?

From Spring 1st, Year 3, you can visit Grandpa’s Shrine and meet his ghost; he will then evaluate how well you are doing on the island. There are four candles around Grandpa’s Shrine, and lighting all four will give you the Statue Of Perfection, which grants 2-8 Iridium Ore per day. You must interact with the Shrine to get this statue.

There are 21 total evaluation points to earn. Evaluation points in Stardew Valley are pretty important. When the ghost shows up, he will measure how well you’re doing, awarding you points based on your progress. Given the rarity and value of the rewards associated with these candles, it’s something many players rush to do.

How do you light the 4 Candles in Stardew Valley?

The goal here is to earn points to light each candle. You need up to 12 points to light them all.

  • 0 – 3 Points — 1 Candle
  • 4 – 7 Points — 2 Candles
  • 8 – 11 Points — 3 Candles
  • 12+ Points — 4 Candles

How do you earn points, you say? The variety of methods you can use to earn points can be earned in any order. There are many ways you can use to get this done. Use the lists below to figure out what your goals are.

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Earning Money

The first way you get some points is based on how much money your farm has earned. The Points are tallied at the end of each day, when you hit each milestone listed below from the profit report.

  • 50,000g: 1 point
  • 100,000g: 1 point
  • 200,000g: 1 point
  • 300,000g: 1 point
  • 500,000g: 1 point
  • 1,000,000g: 1 point

Levels and Skills

Another option to earn Points for the 4 Candles is getting skill levels when you unlock new farmer levels. There are 50 skills in all, and you can earn 2 points via leveling up.

  • Have 30 Levels in Skills: 1 point
  • Have 50 Levels in Skills: 1 point


Here’s how to get points through certain achievements in the game. These are some of the endgame objectives, so probably focus on the easier goals first. You don’t need to do everything to get all 12 points, so you can pick and choose a bit.

  • Complete the museum collection: 1 point
  • Catch every type of fish: 1 point
  • Ship every item: 1 point

Friendship and Relationships

The house upgrades part of this is the most intense. You can choose, but you need to put the money into the house first. Unlocking the house upgrades is also a process unto itself. You need to progress the story to get certain upgrades, and certain unlocks like the kitchen are more useful than others. Pick and choose what you want to do for your game.

  • Married with at least two house upgrades: 1 point
  • A friendship with eight hearts with five villagers: 1 point
  • A friendship with eight hearts with ten villagers: 1 point
  • A friendship with your pet of at least four hearts: 1 point

Other Tasks

  • Complete the Community Center: 1 point
  • Complete the Community Center Completion Ceremony: 2 points
  • Obtain the Skill Key: 1 point
  • Obtain the Rusty Key: 1 point
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