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Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith Release Date

Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been having a bit of a rocky time as of late. Players have been experiencing hyperinflation and other issues, but at least it’s still a fun game. The game has been around for 10 years at this point, The game has had many expansions and stories added over the years, and it looks like we’re getting even more. Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith was just announced as another new expansion.

As the story of this MMO often does, a new expansion means a new threat. Legacy of the Sith’s story follows the discovery of a ruined Sith Fortress that hides a new sinister plot. After all, would it be a Star Wars tale without secret Sith plots? The game’s story has become pretty convoluted over the years, tying in elements of Revan, the Sith Empire and so much more. Seeing a new layer of depth getting added has to be exciting for hardcore fans.

As is usual with this game, each faction will get a new part to play. The branching and personal story that long-time players have been on will introduce new characters. There’s Colonel Gallo who will help out Republic players. Empire players will be directed by Colonel Kord. Players also get the chance to reunite with NPCs from the past as well.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith was announced during the ongoing celebration for the 10th year the game has been running. The developers released a nice retrospective video celebrating this with 4K remasters of classic cinematics. Check it out in the cool little video below. As someone who played the game off and on since launch, this game has been through a lot, and it’s great to see it still kicking.

As with previous expansions, this one will be free for all paid subscribers. Freemium players will likely be able to subscribe and get access, but they also might be able to buy access using premium currency. This is an approach the devs have used before, so it makes sense it would apply here.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith is due to release on December 14 for all players.

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