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Star Wars: Squadrons 4.0 drops more ships and cosmetics into the fight

Star Wars: Squadrons 4.0 drops more content into the game

The latest free content addition for Star Wars: Squadrons has landed, and is now off to battle. There’s a new map, new ships and so much more headed our way. As season two rolls on and more post-launch content comes out, EA Motive are heavily focused on augemnting the multiplayer side of things.  Let’s dig and see what’s coming to the battlefield. First up, let’s talk about the big new addition, two new fighters.

The TIE Defender and B-Wing are finally in the game, among other new bits and pieces. Between the two directly, the TIE Defender is much tougher and faster, but lacks a bit in overall firepower. The B-Wing is much more akin to a “glass cannon” and can further be augmented to focus its strengths toward wrecking foes.

Star Wars: Squadrons 4.0 update brings new ships, cosmetics & more

Alongside this new fighter bundle, players will also get a bit of a meta-game shakeup with new modules for their starships. The Fostar Haven map has been added to the game, giving a new battlefield to brawl it out on. The new map is all about tight corners and hidden nooks amid the scattered debris. A perfect fit to test your true skill as a pilot.

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The new weapons and modules include things like an Ion Beam that can be used for taking on shielded targets like capital ships. Very good in fleet battles for turning the tide if you’re behind. Bring out a B-Wing with this thing on and it will wreck plenty of opponents with proper support.

And on top of all of that, there are now custom matches as well to get into. Players can alter the map choice, allowable crafts and so much more if they just want to brawl with friends. You can take the new option for a spin in both Fleet Battles and Dogfight modes.

Check out the trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons 4.0 and the new content it includes below.

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