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Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate system changes for launch


Actually listening to player outrage for once, EA have decided to make some very important changes to the loot box and Star Card systems in Star Wars Battlefront II. The entire announcement can be found here, but here’s the gist.

‘Epic Star Cards’ will not be found in crates when the game launches next month. Those are the highest tier of Star Cards available (at least, at launch), and will now primarily be acquired through “crafting”. Certain ‘special’ Epic Star Cards are exceptions, as they are only available through “pre-order, deluxe, and starter packs.”

In addition, the crafting system will be locked to a tiered upgrade system that requires playing the game to unlock the highest tier crafted rewards.So in short, you have to play the game to craft the best abilities. And yes, it will be possible to “farm” crafting mats from loot boxes and then directly convert them to crafting materials. but you still need to level up the needed crafting skills manually.

EA and DICE have also addressed concerns over weapon drops. A “select few” weapons will still be found in crates, but most are now going to be locked behind specific (play) milestones. If you want to unlock a new weapon for a Heavy, then play as the Heavy for a bit.

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Finally, class-specific crates will be given as rewards for playing as that class in Battlefront 2. They’ll include “a mix of Star Cards and Crafting Parts” relevant to your preferred class.

Of course, EA and DICE will likely iterate on these changes over the course of the launch and lifecycle of Battlefront II. So expect the ease or difficulty of crafting and the power of weapons to be addressed.

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