Star Citizen

Star Citizen’s FPS development moves in-house


With the pressure against Cloud Imperium Games mounting, and in what seems to be a cost-saving measure, they’ve moved development of the Star Marine FPS module in-house. The effort was previously handled by contracted developer Illfonic. As expected, Illfonic announced that they would undergo a “slimming down” that involves laying off staff and reassigning remaining team members. This is common practice when devs get pulled off of a project, hopefully those who lost their jobs can find new employment soon.

The official reasoning for this move is as part of a streamlining process on the part of CIG. The company aims to complete a full review of all their processes and working relationships involving Star Citizen. Seemingly in a bid to control inefficiency and expedite the development of the ambitious project. This review may see more contracted developers pulled off the project. These include Behaviour Interactive, Turbulent, and Moon Collider.

“This has always been our plan”, the Cloud Imperium representative insists. “In the early days of Star Citizen’s development, we were still quite small and needed the assistance from several external studios”.

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