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Star Citizen Reveals New Hammerhead and Javelin Starships


Coming off of yesterdays Anvil debut video, Cloud Imperium Games revealed another new ship that will join the universe of its upcoming space simulator, Star Citizen.

One of the newest ships is the Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead.

The Hammerhead is a 100 meter-long patrol ship, literally bristling with guns and missiles. It carries nine crew members and has six manned turrets and two automated ones, topped by a battery of missile launchers.

The ship is currently on sale starting at $550. As usual, it’s worth mentioning that this kind of purchase is done exclusively to support development, but it’s entirely optional. The Hammerhead, like all other ships, you can pick it up with in-game credits when the full game launches.

You can also check out yesterday’s announcement of the Anvil Hawk.

But wait, there’s more!

On top of all the new ships, we also get 2 new episodes of Around the Verse. One is focused on the Javelin class of playable destroyers. We also get a video showcasing of the schedule for the update has been determined, giving an interesting look at the workflow of the studios under the Cloud Imperium Games umbrella.

The second ATV video (at the bottom of the post) showcases several improvements that the development teams have been implementing in the game, including iteration on ships, work on lighting and effects, environments and props that litter the game universe, animation for characters, and a spectacular look at the AEGIS Reclaimer.

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