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Star Citizen has tanks now too, because CIG needs money


Now if you’re like me and you’ve been paying attention to the rumblings about Star Citizen, you’ll notice some things. The biggest thing you’ll see is that speculation and the perpetual monetization of what could be is at the heart of the entire community. CIG have built an entire business – to the value of nearly $175 million in crowdfunding – around selling people hope and promises.

And with the recent legal case from Crytek surrounding the game engines used to develop Star Citizen, people are right to wonder whether those promises will be kept. So it would probably be a good idea for those that feel a bit skeptical to shy sway from putting more money into the project.

But CIG don’t seem to mind giving backers more options to pour money into. This week, they’ve announced plans to sell Tanks in Star Citizen. The new sets of ground vehicles are made in-game by Tumbril, the same manufacturers of the Cyclone ATV. The Nova Battle Tank is available for $95 USD, with vehicle packs including that and other options available for as much as $725 USD. You can read the full release here, assuming you have VIP access to the content.

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