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Star Citizen Gives Development Update on Squadron 42 and Eclipse

Star Citizen Alpha

Star Citizen is making steady progress towards Alpha 3.2, and CIG are here with some new video content to update fans and backers on development work from the last few weeks.

The newest videos are both a new Around the Verse, and a new Reverse the Verse. Both of these videos are part of a series of development updates for Star Citizen that usually focus on polish and feature updates. The focus this week is in two areas. One big new feature being actively worked in scanning. CIG are implementing a unique gameplay structure to the process of scanning for anomalies and resources, and are billing it as a “cat and mouse” approach. There’s also a Q&A with several team members that discusses more details about how this system will work in-game. The second new addition is a new ship, the AEGIS Eclipse. This new Torpedo bomber is all about stealth attacks against hardened targets. There’s a definite tendency towards the iconic B-2 bomber that some fans will enjoy.

You can check out both videos below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy another ATV about some new ships, or maybe you want to check out some sweet Squadron 42 gameplay.

If you’re interested in how Star Citizen is doing financially, the crowdfunding total for the game has passed another milestone and is now over 187 million dollars. To be more precise, the game is sitting on a $187,027,229 at the moment of this writing, with the registered user count at 2,041,949.

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