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Star Citizen gets new website and a trailer

Star Citizen Alpha

CIG is giving Star Citizen a new coat of pain, the much talked about new website is now live alongside some new trailers and other content.

The new version of the website makes it easier for new and potential backers to know what they’re getting in the Star Citizen package. It’s now been segregated with the PU side of the game, the single player Squadron 42, and development updates. It does make the whole series a little simpler to understand what it’s all about. and users can skip the front splash screen by checking a box.

In other news, CIG has released a new trailer for Star Citizen covering different aspects of the game. The alpha gameplay shown in the trailer is careful to avoid showing lackluster performance, which isn’t what you’ll find consistently in the current builds. It still looks super exciting and stacked full of content that’s ready to go, but let’s face it, the Alpha is still a long way from stellar in terms of performance or finished content.

But a trailer isn’t the only new video this week. CIG also released a new Around The Verse segment to backers as well. The episode focuses primarily on the content that was shown in the holiday stream and it’s called Welcome to the Coil.

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