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[UPDATE] Star Citizen backer FAKES massive $45,000 refund


UPDATE: The refund is faked according to a statement by CIG. Cloud Imperium spokesperson Dave Swofford tells Ars that “a lot of the information was fabricated” in the Reddit post. Swofford says the account in question was issued an individual refund of $330, not the $45,000 claimed in posted screenshots and videos which Swofford says do not reflect actual complaints requests logged by the company. What’s more, Swofford says the refund was handled “in a timely fashion” with “no extended debate over whether we should.


Some fans seem to be as fed up with CIG and Star Citizen as anyone else, and one former fan has gone through hell and back to claim one whopper of a refund.

A report on ArsTechnica points to claims on the Star Citizen Refunds subreddit, where an anonymous player has provided proof that he and his guild sought and received refunds on $45,000 worth of completionist packages (three for $15,000 apiece). It’s also clear that the backer is more than a little angry at CIG.

The backer going by the name of Mogmentum posted the following note on Reddit supply proof that this $45K is legitimate.

There was lots of arguing within our guild, but in the end the whales who had contributed the most had the final say, and we refunded our three completionist packages, originally purchased at $15k each, so $45k total refund. We sidelined many other great games and commercial opportunities waiting for Star Citizen, but in the end we can’t wait any longer, and a new generation is joining also who have absolutely no interest. The final straw was evidence presented the committee of Chris Roberts blatantly lying, we don’t mind the delays but couldn’t handle the lies anymore, and it left us wondering what else he is knowingly lying about.

It was a nightmare getting the refund, we are a commercial org and pooled the money to buy the completionist packages, and used a corporate card to buy them, so we had major issues with getting refunded to the same card, paypal and then providing ID. Total it took about 5 weeks to get sorted. A lot of time was spent trying to explain the situation to some woman called “Schala” and just getting the same answers copied and pasted backwards and forwards, they definitely try to delay you as much as possible in the hope you’ll forget or give up.

I prefer to remain anonymous as the guild can easily be linked back to my personal identity, and we all know how insane and potentially dangerous the few remaining Star Citizen believers can be. I’ll put some juicy screenshots below however.

Thanks for all your help here guys, we couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of this subreddit.

There was some scepticism about the legitimacy of the claim but the backer provided further proof with a video. It’s worth noting that the lies alluded to in the statement from the backer have not been elaborated on, so there’s no way of knowing what they’re referring to.

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Not everyone is so fed up with Star Citizen, so people can expect to see more content updates and bug fixes for the foreseeable future. Like these new vehicles, or the first major showcase of Star Citizens trading system kiosks.

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