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Star Citizen’s Single-Player Campaign Squadron 42 Releasing Beta in Q2 2020

New Around the Verse teases FX, Squadron 42 Releasing Beta in Q2 2020

With the release of the latest Around The Verse video from CIG, Star Citizen fans have even more development updates and other news to gush over.

In this new video Sean Tracy and Eric Keiron Davis join us to let us know what’s been going on behind-the-scenes on the most anticipated and ambitious sci-fi MMO.

The video segments also focus a fair bit on the ongoing sound design and other FX work going into Star Citizen. There have also been some updates to various aspects of the flight system, making for a smoother and more immersive experience. It’s pretty cool to see how the sausage is made in terms of the various effects players will experience while playing.

There’s also some new updates about new tools CIG and their teams have created to streamline the creation of in-game environments and other aspects of the game.

In terms of other development work, CIG have quite a lot of balls up in the air so to speak. Work on player movement abilities and vaulting is ongoing, but nearing completion. Improvements to the visual aspects of player comms are also moving along. All in all, the plan for 2019 looks to be moving forward swiftly.

To see more Star Citizen news, check out some of the other Around the Verse videos, or maybe you want to see some more Squadron 42 gameplay. There’s also a bunch of new ships in development, specifically from Drake Interplanetary, Consolidated Outland and Anvil Aerospace. There’s new craft and variants like the Valkyrie and Kraken. Check those out over here.

Check out the latest patch notes on the official site. Cloud Imperium Games has currently raised $214,820,056 from 2,226,352 backers overall. CIG has blown past that $200 million mark, but that’s not the only funding the game has received over the last few months. Cloud Imperium recently received a $46 million minority investment with 10% of the studio being sold to investors. These funds are to be used for marketing purposes only though.

Check out the most recent Around the Verse broadcast down below.

In other news, there’s some new updates on the front of the singleplayer campaign that is Squadron 42.

With the ongoing work on various gameplay aspects and performance throughout 2019, CIG has announced that they’re planning to drop a new beta for the singleplayer elements sometime in 2020. Squadron 42 is set to release its beta in Q2 2020 as part of a larger development roadmap.

Judging from the roadmap and other other details that have been released so far, we can glean a few things about progress toward that goal and the eventual release of the feature-complete game. The clear intent here is all about quality, and before you freak out and start thinking that the amount of polish needed will balloon development time, CIG wants to put concerns like that to rest. The singleplayer areas and missions don’t need as much work as multiplayer instances, and they don’t need as much backend work or infrastructure either, due to the nature of the way Star Citizen content is being delivered and rendered.

But not content to just make promises, CIG wants to show you exactly what they’re working on in great detail. To that end, The roadmap list pulls directly from Cloud Imperium’s internal database which will keep the public version updated every week.

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