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Spiritual followup to Burnout, Dangerous Driving, drops on Epic Games Store as exclusive in April

Burnout Spiritual Successor Dangerous Driving Arrives in April

Dangerous Driving, the spiritual successor to the legendary and daring Burnout franchise, has some news for fans. And based on how you feel about Epic Games, this may be good or bad for you, because Dangerous Driving will be an exclusive to their new storefront when it comes out via PC this April.

Gamers across the gaming spectrum are excited for this game, as Three Fields Entertainment has put a ton of effort into crafting a beloved franchise influence into a more modern racing title. This game very much wears its heart on its sleeve, and I admire that.

So even though the developer has confirmed that Dangerous Driving will only be available on PC via the fledgling Epic Games Store, that shouldn’t put a damper on your enjoyment of some classic destruction. And judging from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like the team behind this game has seriously nailed the look and feel of what fans loved about Burnout.

And of course, Dangerous Driving offers plenty of gameplay modes and different vehicles lose your mind with. There’s the classic-evoking Takedown mode, ripped right out of Burnout 3, which is my personal favorite, although I doubt the soundtrack to this game will be as formative on my modern music choices as that original game was.

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The game even features a Pursuit Mode where players can take control of the cops attempt to stop the reckless drivers, which evokes both the Need for Speed franchise, and some later entries from the Driver series. It seriously feels like Three Fields has slotted in every bit of nostalgia-fueled insanity they could into this effort, and I hope it pays off.

Heatwave, Eliminator, and Road Rage modes all offer what these types of games are best known for, pure destruction and chaos. So basically just crash into things and try to sew as much discord as possible.

Check out the slick new racing title in the trailer down below. Dangerous Driving is scheduled to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 9th. Digital versions of the game will cost $29.99, with physical versions offering a free copy of Danger Zone 2 in as a bonus, that will cost $39.99.

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