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Spirit of the North heads to Xbox Series X|S in early 2021

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A PS5 launch title with a quirky style is heading over to team green soon. Next year, that PS5 port of Spirit of the North is leaping to a new frontier. Publisher Merge Games has announced that it will port the game to the Xbox series consoles in the next year. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will both be getting ports of the game that’s previously been exclusive to the Sony side of things.

The game—which previously released for PC and Nintendo Switch earlier in the year— found plenty of success from those platforms let gamers experience a bunch of cool adventures. The new title is all about The Guardian of the Northern Lights, which is a cute little spirit fox that goes out for fun in a mystical land.

Spirit of the North is all about pushing around the rather beautiful chilly landscapes of Iceland, where gamers got to experience a ton of fun challenges as well. The experience is built all around “stunning 4K landscapes” and environmental puzzles which mesh really well with the setting. That incredible setting was engrossing even more thanks to the powerfully moving orchestral soundtrack that featured a total of 14 unique compositions for the game.

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You can check out a trailer for the PlayStation 5 release—which is out now— below. Merge Games will be sharing a new trailer for the Xbox port and some more details soon. Expect more next month it looks like.

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