Spheal Deal Special Research Ticket in Pokémon Go Guide

Should you get The Spheal Deal Special Research Ticket in Pokémon Go?

The January 2022 Community Day event will feature Spheal in Pokémon Go. Along with that, comes a special paid premium variant of the event. Just like previously monthly runs of the Community Day events, there’s a free and paid version. The Spheal Deal Special Research Ticket in Pokémon Go is a pretty strange one. And some Trainers are wondering what you get for buying in.

What do you get with The Spheal Deal Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Like any other Community Day, during the event spawns get boosted for a select member of the roster, as well as their evolutions.  The January 2022 Community Day event will feature Spheal, and its Evos, so it’s a bit of a strange and lesser-known choice. You do not need to purchase the Special Research ticket to participate in the Community Day event. But yes, there is a premium variant of the event.

There will also be a handful of rewards, such as incense, more Poké Balls, Poké Balls, Great Balls, along with rare candy and Stardust. The extra items are nice, and the XP to raise your rank is pretty cool too. The biggest bonus for most Trainers are the Charged Moves, Powder Snow and Icicle Spear. These two are unique to Walrein during the event, so grab them while you can.

There will be a Special Research project that allows you to get your hands on an increased number of encounters of not only Spheal, but also their evolved forms. That’s where the paid version comes in. You can get the special Community Day ticket and gain access to a unique run of quests to unlock more rewards. Should you do that?

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Should you get The Spheal Deal Special Research Ticket in Pokémon Go?

The question of whether you should buy the premium ticket is really up to you. If you really like completing the Pokédex with all the premium and secret versions, this might be a good purchase. This event will cost players $1 (or the equivalent pricing in players’ local countries).

You can even get encounters with the evolved forms of Sealeo and Walrein. So if you’re the kind of Trainer that wants some CP-boosted spawns of these three, this might be the event to pay into. The biggest reason to buy into the paid track is that you often get more rewards in terms of Candy and Stardust, which is very useful for the competitive raising of Pokémon. So if you’re planning to get into PvP with the captures during this event, that may be a good incentive.

Although Walrein isn’t super on-meta for the higher leagues, A Great Ball League player might find a good tank to run in their teams. PvE players might also find a unique choice for Raids thanks to the two Charged Moves.

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