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What is a speed tuned clan boss team in Raid Shadow Legends?

How to Speed Tune any Clan Boss Team in Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends is one of the mobile titles with a very complex meta-game. Speed tuning your clan boss teams is one of the most important things to getting a well-rounded team in play. having a balanced team for this when raiding clan bosses makes it much easier to have predictable timing for abilities. When going into a fight, knowing when your own abilities trigger and in what order is key to balancing your teams.

Here are the basics of making a speed tuned clan boss team in Raid Shadow Legends, and some tips on what to avoid. So first, let’s talk about why you want to do this.

If your team is AoE-heavy, you want to apply any debuffs that boost that damage first. Or maybe you have a counter-attack modifier that needs to trigger before that AoE attack, so the counterattack Champion needs to go first. Maybe you need to have your Block Champion setup to intercept incoming DPS, and that needs to go last to pre-empt other debuffs.

Common Team Setups

There are a few common team layouts that most players used when making a speed tuned clan boss team in Raid Shadow Legends. Here are the basics of what to do, and this will tell you how to plan your team based on what Champs you have ready to fight.

4:3 Ratio

A 4:3 ratio team revolves around 1 or more champions with a 4 turn cooldown, and these are the core of your team. You will be able to have your Champion take two turns against the one turn the boss gets. That four-turn cooldown becomes your core focus, as it should often be your best DPS move. Center all of your other abilities around countering incoming DPS or buffing your main move. This will help stall out the enemy and keep damage lower than it normally would be.

Champions will typically use their A4 before their A3 before their A2 before their A1. Not all Champions follow this pattern, but most will. With that in mind, speed tunes should take into account the timing of the skills, and their buffs. Using a buff extender is also key here. You need to focus on Champs that can pair well with a two-turn rotation in this setup. A great example would be Sepulcher Sentinel with her A2 ability, which can offset certain debuffs from the AoE phase if done right.

2:1 Ratio

This speed tune is a much more general zerg strategy, as it allows the whole team to get in two turns before the boss acts. The biggest upside is that you can do a ton of damage. The setup isn’t as focused on specific buffs and debuffs, as you might be more tempted to run pure DPS in this mode. The biggest downside is that it’s only really viable with Champions that have a ton of base speed. It makes it very hard to get most heroes in Raid Shadow Legends to be fast enough to act twice in a rotation. Reaching a 2:1 ratio is possible without these champions, but it requires a lot more focus on buff heroes that increase speed, sacrificing some DPS.

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The best tool to find your clan boss speed tune is

This tool was created by a legendary YouTuber and content creator who took a labor of love and has given it to the community. The goal with this tool is to find the true base speed of your heroes, and it allows you to perfectly plan out all your skills and buffs. The tool takes into account a bunch of factors, and as long as you use it properly, it can make finding your speed-tuned team much easier.

You can check out a video where he talks through the calculator below.

What if I don’t have the right Champions?

If you don’t have the perfect setup yet, don’t worry—although the general idea is to boost speed according to a set plan—you can make other compositions work with speed boosters. You could also aim targeted usage of Ally abilities to boost stats on your teams too. Apothecary, High Khatun and any other buff heroes that give speed can help fill gaps nicely. Throwing them into a lacking team can help outspeed some lower-difficulty bosses. Be careful when heading into higher levels though. Early-game comps hit hard walls at high levels, even when using a speed tuned clan boss team.

Champion Reccomendations

  • Ma’Shalled is hands-down one of the best choices for any team, not just for Speed increases.
  • Lyssandra is hands down the best Speed Aura in the game right now.
  • Nethril might make a great addition for those looking to apply Decrease Speed on A2. He also has poisons that will help in Clan Boss.
  • Scyl of Drakes is also another good debuff Champion that can slow down bosses.
  • Rae is a good general speed buff, also very strong counter to buffs.
  • Alure gets some of the best Turn Meter decreases in the game, bar none.
  • Sandlashed Survivor can be useful to turn meter manipulation as well as countering buffs.
  • Fayne can be pretty solid as the center of an unkillable team and the right rotation.
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