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SoulCalibur VI players will be banned if they make inappropriate characters

SOULCALIBUR VI - Swords and Souls: The Rise of SOULCALIBUR Part 1

SoulCalibur VI has made quite a few waves since it’s release earlier this month. Although not all of these are positive. This is because the fighting game has a really in-depth character creator, which gamers have been using to do what they do best online, troll everyone else.

Complaints have surfaced of NSFW or offensive characters being re-created in the game’s online community section. There’s also copious examples of copyright infringement with anime and manga characters showing up by the truckload. There have also been issues with some people abusing the creator to make characters that obscure their opponent so it’s impossible for another player to see what moves are coming out, making some fights impossible to win.

On the official Soul Calibur 6 website, Bandai Namco posted a notice revealing that players who “create inappropriate custom characters online” will risk having the ability to access online functionality revoked. Twitter users spotted the notice earlier today:

All in all, it will take some time for the community to clean up it’s act. Most of the bad actors will disappear once bans start getting handed out, then Bandai Namco just needs to stay on top of policing any of the negative content that remains. And while some gamers will be disappointed that they can’t troll to their heart’s content, the quality of the game experience for everyone is more important than a minority of chuckleheads.

In other SoulCalibur VI news, the game recently announced the NieR: Automata’s 2B would be joining the fighting game roster as a DLC character.

SoulCalibur VI is available right now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and you can pick up your copy by heading over to Amazon.

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