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Sony switches up Playstation Plus lineup and subs in Detroit: Become Human

Free PS Plus games in July 2019

So there’s been a last-minute substitution in the arena of free games for Playstation Plus subscribers in July. It turns out that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, or PES 2019, has been switched out for an entirely different game. PES 2019 has been swapped out for Detroit: Become Human in July 2019’s rotation of free Playstation Plus titles.

Detroit: Become Human follows the stories of three separate androids in a futuristic Detroit beset by social and economic upheaval as humans feel increasingly replaced by intelligent automation. The story has its high and low points, offering different perspectives on issues like racial tensions, economic disparity, police brutality and more.

The ultimate climax of the story is one of conflict, and challenges the player to make a choice about whether to encourage or avoid it. Perceptions of the way David Cage handled such an important and sensitive narrative are varied, and I personally feel like it was underwhelming despite being a technical wonder. The narrative was certainly carried by wonderful casting choices in my mind.

Still, it’s nice for PS+ members to get their hands on such a title for free.

There’s been no reason given for PES 2019‘s removal yet, but at least Horizon Chase remains in place as of writing. Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition will be available at no extra cost for PlayStation Plus subscribers from today through until August 5th alongside the racing title.

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