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SnowRunner 5.0 patch details released

SnowRunner 5.0 Details

With the release of SnowRunner 5.0, Saber interactive has revealed a handful of new features coming to the game. There are mostly gameplay features coming in the patch, but that’s not all. For fans who love the formula of muddy trucking, this may be the best game ever in the genre, so it’s nice to see it getting more support.

Saber Interactive has said that SnowRunner 5.0 will include a bunch of new features, as well as quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. The full patch notes will be out when the update drops tomorrow.

The update is being led by a new map, the fourth one in the Russian Raymyr region. The new region, called the Rift, will have a new batch of missions and other activities. The new map has some remixed terrain features that will make getting around a big tougher too.  One way around this is to use the new region switching, though it only works in multiplayer, to avoid trucking too much stuff as a group, making multiplayer easier to manage.

And for other additions, there is now the ability to have multiple save slots per player. This will allow you to share the game with friends or family and have them each get their own progress and loadouts. Also, a new set of skins is included for the Derry Longhorn 3194 heavy-class truck and the KHAN Lo4F utility van.

Alongside the bug fixes and new content, something else is coming. Modding support is being expanded with new tools and features. It will be easier to track mods post-update too. Players will also notice that SnowRunner 5.0 includes anew flycam feature.

The inclusion of force feedback support also adds a needed change. Being a driving game, fans need something that will give them a decent control option for steering wheels. After all, if you want to whip out your full racing sim setup for this game, you should be able to. The PC version already had this feature, but now other versions should have the support.

SnowRunner 5.0 will drop for all versions on June 9.

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