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Sniper Elite 4 and Grip coming to Xbox Game Pass in November

Xbox Game Pass November 2018

In November 2018 Microsoft plans to add another handful of games to their Game Pass service.

This months offerings for Xbox Game Pass additions are a little more obscure, and while we aren’t getting as many of the blockbuster AAA releases of some previous months, the service continues to be enriched with a variety of interesting and compelling games for Xbox gamers.

The biggest draw this month is incredibly brutal Sniper Elite 4. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot the testicles, organs and legs off of Nazis by the hundreds, this game is the perfect outlet for that. OlliOlli 2 XL Edition joins the shooter on November 1 as the first batch of new games on the sub-only service. OlliOlli 2 XL Edition is a heavily stylized skateboarding game that blends minimalist graphics and light puzzle-solving with some quite creative gameplay, and the XL Edition made significant and needed changes to controls and gameplay.

There’s several other niche titles in the bundle as well, Sheltered, which is ‘a post-apocalyptic bunker simulator where you need to keep your family of four alive for as long as possible,’ and Rise and Shine, a game all about blasting aliens in the face with unique weaponry.

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The final addition for this lot comes on November 6, with Grip: Combat Racing. This futuristic racer features unique and puzzling tracks and high-speed vehicles, all with the added “fun” of everyone trying to blow each other to pieces.

And with the recent announcement that Game Pass would extend to PC gamers, there’s about to be a lot more people jumping on the service to get a crack at some excellent video games.

We’ve featured some of the trailer for the games coming to Game Pass down below, check them out to get a taste of what these games are like.

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