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Silent Hill soft reboot coming to PS5

Rumor of Silent Hill on PS5

Industry social media figure, Aesthetic Gamer, has a new rumor swirling this week. The social media account has revealed that a PS5 game based on Silent Hill is coming. The game is the result of a partnership between Sony and Konami. As for the platform, the project will reportedly be a PS5 exclusive. A release date and more details are not yet known. Silent Hill on PS5 would be really cool

The insider mentioned on Twitter that “we may see an announcement for a new Silent Hill game next month, if everything is true. I believe it, I really do, the evidence I’ve been shown is very solid.” The information has obviously not been confirmed and should be taken with a pretty big grain of salt. The information itself seems pretty scattered and amounts to little more than a teaser of a rumor. The rumor suggests that the project that would become Silent Hill is a soft reboot, and that Konami has a plan to make the reveal more exciting.

Rumors have been swirling for some time that Silent Hill would be bouncing back in some form. Konami pushed out the series after it shut down PT. Hideo Kojima went on to make the strange and rather tonally different Death Stranding. Fans of the older horror franchise will no doubt be excited by the rumor. Although they could be waiting a while before seeing more information. If the rumor of Silent Hill on PS5 is accurate, it’s about to go in a new direction, I hope.

The source references when Konami originally shopped around two different Silent Hill projects. Each one was pitched to different studios, and development appeared to have begun on them. That was apparently back in early 2019. Since then though, things have been pretty quiet.

Keichiro Toyama, known for the original Silent Hill, Siren: Blood Curse and Gravity Rush, was also tapped to direct the games. Akira Yamaoka, who is also working on Bloober’s The Medium, is making music. The new game will also have Masahiro Ito as an art director.

As far as gameplay, the idea seems to be that the new game would be a soft reboot in terms of tone and execution. The suggestion is that it would be more like an episodic game with more serious themes at play. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence as to a remake of some of the franchise classics. It seems like this new project could also be different from the one referenced by Aesthetic Gamer, it’s not too clear.

Silent Hill on PS5 would likely be a pretty big departure for the franchise. It’s possible we could see a larger scale or more fleshed-out characters within this new game. After all, why not take advantage of the new hardware.

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