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Shortest Trip to Earth launches into Early Access with new trailer

Shortest Trip to Earth - Early Access Trailer

Shortest Trip to Earth is a new roguelike, developed by Interactive Fate and published by Iceberg Interactive, and is out now on Early Access.

The game itself is seemingly simple at first glance, but hides a surprising amount of depth. the FTL-like game holds much of the same premise of FTL and similar games, along with a lot of new content and interesting changes. It’s still a hardcore survival game with hundreds of random events, and a ton of varied in-game assets which add to the replayability potential of the game.

Players explore through various star systems within a randomly generated galaxy, and encounter multiple random events. Along the way, you’ll battle aliens, encounter cosmic events, and be forced to real with various dangerous challenges in order to make your Shortest Trip to Earth.

Edvin Aedma, lead designer of Shortest Trip to Earth had the following to say about the Early Access release:

We are extremely excited to make our project available on Steam, having been in development for five years. Like my previous title “Teleglitch”, “Shortest Trip to Earth” will swiftly lead players into the hardcore survival zone. The game presents an atmospheric, rich world that rewards exploration and demands you to cope with deadly, often desperate conditions… or die in permadeath and start over. The Shortest Trip universe is harsh, and continuously chips away at hit points, resources, ammo, drones and crew, until you need to start scrapping parts of your ship to keep on going. The game is packed witty tongue-in-cheek comments and innuendo that will appeal to a mature audience.

Shortest Trip to Earth is now available on Steam.

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