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Sea of Thieves will let you own dogs on September 9

How to unlock dogs in Sea of Thieves

in the newest gameplay and patch update from Rare, the developer had some good news for dog lovers. The game is about to finally add some new options for pets. Dogs in Sea of Thieves will have multiple breeds, with options among those for different looks. The dogs can be bought via the in-game store, which you can earn currency for by just playing the game.

Cats had already been added to the game previously, and now fans of the canine variety have options coming for them too. The patch that adds dogs in Sea of Thieves will also include some other changes and new content too.

The patch will also include other changes as well, like quality-of-life changes to make the game more accessible.  Expect some other accessibility improvements, too, like being able to make island banners more or less visible to avoid visual overload. Rare is also pushing a new gameplay system designed around softly railroading players towards different activities, they call it ‘notes’ and say the system will be an optional addon to current signposting in-game.

Check out the said video update below.

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