Scrap Mechanic Survival Cheats & Console Commands

Scrap Mechanic Survival Cheats

Scrap Mechanic is a very simple game that offers a cool experience if you like breaking things to bits. The multiplayer survival game is all about breaking down all kinds of trash and junk to get resources, then using those to build more complex stuff. You can actually use Scrap Mechanic Survival cheats to make all this easier.

Before you use Scrap Mechanic Survival cheats, you need to enable them in survival mode. The game normally disables them to avoid breaking game balance. Go into the game files and open SurvivalGame.lua with an app like Notepad++, find the line “if g_survival then”, and change it to “if true then” to enable cheats for survival mode.

Now you’re ready to cheat. Here’s how to use the cheats via the in-game console. The first thing you need to do is press Enter to open the in-game chat.

Scrap Mechanic Survival Cheats & Console Commands

Always include the “/” before any command for it to be syntactically valid.

  • Ammo: /ammo – gives you 40 ammo
  • Spudgun: /spudgun – gives you the spudgun
  • Potato gatling gun: /gatling – gives you the Potato gatling gun
  • Fries shotgun: /shotgun – gives you the fries shotgun
  • Sunshake: /sunshake – gives you the sunshake
  • Revival baguette: /baguette- gives you the revival baguette
  • Keycard: /keycard – gives you a keycard
  • Powercore: /powercore – gives you a powercore
  • Components: /components – gives you 10 components
  • Glowsticks: /glowsticks – gives you 10 glowsticks
  • Tumble: /tumble – set tumble state
  • God Mode: /god
  • Respawn: /respawn – You will respawn at last bed or crash site
  • Encrypt: /encrypt – To disable interactions (warehouses)
  • Decrypt: /decrypt  – To enable interactions (warehouses)
  • Limited: /limited – To use limited inventory
  • Unlimited: /limited – To use unlimited inventory
  • Ambush: /ambush – To start an encounter
  • Recreate: /recreate – To recreate world
  • Timeofday: /timeofday – To set time
  • Timeprogress: /timeprogress – To enable or disable timeprogress
  • Day: /day – To set time to daytime
  • Spawn a unit: /spawn + [woc, tapebot, totebot or haybot]
  • Harvestable: /harvestable – To create a harvestable
  • Cleardebug: /cleardebug – To clear debug
  • Export Blueprint: /export “Exports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint”
  • Import Blueprint: /import “Exports blueprint $SURVIVAL_DATA/LocalBlueprints/<name>.blueprint”
  • Starter kit: /starterkit – To get an starter kit
  • Starter kit (Mechanic Station): /mechanicstartkit – To get an starterkit at Mechanic Station
  • Pipe kit: /pipekit  – To get an pipe kit
  • Food kit: /foodkit  – To get an food kit
  • Seed kit: /seedkit  – To get an seed kit
  • Set HP: /sethp
  • Set Water: /setwater
  • SetFood: /setfood
  • Clear hostile units: /aggroall – To clear hostile units
  • Teleport: /goto
  • Raid: /raid – Also set the level, wave and delay [/raid (level) (wave) (delay)
  • Cancel Raid: /stopraid
  • Disable Raid: /disableraid
  • Spline Camera tool: /camera – o get an Spline Camera tool
  • Clear path nodes: /clearpathnodes
  • Enable path potatoes: /enablepathpotatoes
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