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Rust coming to consoles in 2020

Rust coming to consoles in 2020

Rust is one of those PC titles that kind of came out of nowhere. Since the game launched in 2014, it exploded, something the creators never expected. Rust creator Garry Newman said as much, “we never expected Rust to ever sell over a million copies, to sell over a million within a couple of months while still in really early development is insane to us.” It was still a hard bit of work though, as Facepunch Studios dealt with plenty of worrying moments throughout the years. “Will these millions of people expect us to evolve the game in the ways we’re going to evolve it? Will we be able to make them happy?” wondered the creators.

The developers have teamed up with publisher Double Eleven to create the best version of the game they can. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Rust should include all the gameplay fans know and love though. Rust is a game all about competition. Players are dropped into a largely uninhabited waste, and expected to survive to the last.

A rather simple survival setup all about finding resources and safety is quickly made much more fun by adding a PvP element. Players can craft various weapons and structures on their path to dominance too. The crafting and building mechanics are used by creative players to build everything from diabolical traps to sprawling fortresses. The game even evolves into a living economy of sorts on more serious servers. It’s probably the best multiplayer survival game out there right now for those looking for more mature gameplay.

X019 has been roaring into the headlines this week. Now it has been confirmed that the multiplayer phenomenon will be ported to new platforms. Rust will come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2020, as announced during X019.  In terms of other X019 news, Microsoft is planning a lot more than console ports. For one thing, Xbox Game Pass is getting expanded by 50+ titles over the course of 2020.

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