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RogueTech updated to 1.7.1 version of BattleTech

RogueTech Mod

Harebrained Schemes has recently published the 1.7.1 patch to their primary robot battling sim, BattleTech. The 1.7 update followed the pattern that the previous major version and hotfixes did, improving performance, fixing bugs and making gameplay smoother. There’s no DLC update this time around though. 1.6.2 added support for the Urban Warfare expansion.

And as with all updates for modded video games, there’s been a bit of lag time in updating various mods for the game. Roguetech, the mod compilation for Battletech has now been updated to support this new version. The Community Asset Bundle, which RogueTech relies on to install various custom mechs and gear, has also been updated.

As for installing the new 1.7.1 update for RogueTech, it’s fairly simple. Updating will break previous save games as the new version requires a clean install. Use the RogueTech installer that’s on your machine to remove both the Community Asset Bundle and RogueTech itself. Once those two mods have been removed, use the newly downloaded mod files to install the new version.

The newly announced Heavy Metal expansion means that when the 1.8 version does drop in a few months, we’re going to be doing this all over again. Although given the number of changes being planned for 1.8 means that it will likely be later into 2020 before we see an update to RogueTech again, aside from hotfixes that is.

And in case you want them, here are the patch notes for BattleTech 1.7, as well as the patch notes for BattleTech 1.7.1. Together both versions improve the AI and graphical fidelity of maps, as well as fixing a bunch of bugs found by the community.

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