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Rockfish Games is working on new space exploration game

Everspace Drama

We don’t have many real details yet, other than some insight into what type of game this new project is aiming for. The team is basically taking all of the feedback from Everspace and incorporating it into the new game, so it’s safe to say that this new title will be a space exploration experience of some kind.

A countdown timer has appeared on the Everspace site, showing gamers and fans that something is coming on August 19th.

The rumors are true: We have been working on a new space game for quite some time. Of course, we had a good look at your feedback on EVERSPACE™, and one wish clearly stood out.

Even though many fans liked our innovative concept of combining fast-paced space combat with rogue-like elements and exciting storytelling set in a colorful science fiction world, many space game enthusiasts are longing for an open-world space shooter with classic RPG elements in the iconic vibrant audiovisual style and the intense action gameplay of EVERSPACE™.

So what does all this mean? Well it’s pretty clear that fans of that original game wanted a combination of challenge, immersion and an open world to explore at their leisure. Everspace gave some of that with fast-paced combat with rogue-like elements to create a deeply rewarding but difficult trial by fire for space sim fans.

There was also a rather engrossing story built around this desperate struggle for survival in the deep and dark reaches of space, but of course, fans wanted more. A lot of space sim fans, myself included, can appreciate the immersion and difficulty offered by titles like Everspace and FTL; but also really love the open and intricate nature of games like Starpoint Gemini. While these are two vary different sub-genres, the attempt to combine elements of the two into one game can certainly be bold and entertaining.

Rockfish will deliver more news about the game on August 19th, so stay tuned for that..

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