Roblox Critical Legends 2 Crafting Recipes Guide

Roblox Critical Legends 2 Crafting Recipes Guide

Roblox Critical Legends 2 is quite the interesting little fusion of Roblox and RPG. You will have to adventure around the open world and find various foes to fight. Expect a ton of bosses and other chaotic enemies. You want to be a hero? Here’s your chance. And if you’re going to be doing the fights, you need gear. That means you need to put time into the crafting system.

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This guide will provide you with a list of all crafting recipes in Roblox Critical Legends 2. Keep reading to figure out what each item can be used to make. You can upgrade your armor and weapons to make you a more effective fighter. Beyond that, you’re going to have to loot some stuff from the foes you take down. Some items even help with that to increase loot drops.

Roblox Critical Legends 2 Crafting Recipes

Black Mana Gloves

  • 4x Black Fur
  • 4x Fox Pelt

Coin of Greed

  • 1x Healing Spell
  • 100x Gold Ingot
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Devil’s Contract

  • 1x Dark Flame
  • 1x Expiring Pulsation
  • 20x Black Fur
  • 1x Empty Rune
  • 50x Gold Ingot
  • 25x Silver Ingot

Fang Dagger

  • 1x Hunting Dagger
  • 1x Bat Fang

Honey Dagger

  • 1x Fang Dagger
  • 25x Honey
  • 5x Bronze Ingot


  • Bronze: 2x Bronze Ore
  • Silver: 3x Silver Ore
  • Gold: 4x Gold Ore

Key Of Darkness

  • 1x Mysterious Key
  • 5x Black Fur

Mana Stone

  • 1x Weak Mana Stone
  • 5x Gold Ore
  • 10x Silver Ore
  • 20x Bronze Ore
  • 15x Magic Residue

Poison-Tipped Dagger

  • 1x Bee Stinger
  • 1x Throwing Dagger


  • 1x Cold Potato
  • 1x Hot Potato

Prince Plate Armor

  • 1x Metal Plate
  • 5x Prince Slime Gel
  • 1x Prince Slime Core
  • 20x Silver Ingot
  • 40x Bronze Ingot

Regal Slime Key

  • 1x Mysterious Key
  • 1x Prince Slime Core
  • 2x Prince Slime Gel
  • 1x Essence Of Slime
  • 10x Gold Ingot

Shadow Slime Key

  • 1x Key Of Darkness
  • 2x Prince Slime Core
  • 5x Prince Slime Gel
  • 1x Essence Of Slime
  • 3x Gold Ingot

Slime Boots

  • 1x Traveller Boots
  • 5x Slime Gel
  • 1x Slime Core

Slime Key

  • 1x Mysterious Key
  • 2x Slime Core
  • 5x Slime Gel
  • 1x Essence Of Slime
  • 3x Silver Ingot

Whetted Despair

  • 1x Honey Dagger
  • 1x Armor Breaker

Winged Boots

  • 1x Slime Boots
  • 5x Bat Wing
  • 3x Fox Pelt
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