Riders Republic Landing Modes Explained

Riders Republic

Riders Republic wants to push you to the limit. You’re going to be taking on various extremes sports across three disciplines: bike, snow and air. And these aren’t meant to be easy to master. You’re supposed to fail. Falling and having to get back up is vital to learning how to do well.

But with all the stuff you have to learn, getting used to all the different vehicles and gear can be hard. Ubisoft has made it easy by including a few options to help new players. There’s one big one that’s caused some confusion, Riders Republic landing modes. These special toggles can be found in the game’s options, here’s what they do.

Riders Republic landing modes are essentially like aim assist in a way. The game will help correct your trajectory coming out of trick to land true. This can help you reduce bails, if you do it right.

Riders Republic Landing Modes Explained

There are three primary Landing Modes in the game: Auto, Manual and Steep.

Auto Mode is the first one many players have question about. This is basically fully assisted landing. The game will automatically alter your trajectory after a trick so that you land straight. if you’ve ever played a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game, you might want to think of this as the game automatically turning your board. It’s kind of a hard system to get used to if you’ve played these sports games before.

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Manual mode is the intended way to play. After you complete any tricks or jumps, it’s up to you to stick the landing. The game will actually increase your score per trick if you stick the landing with Manual turned on. If you want a more challenging racing time, this is the mode for you. And if you want to have to take responsibility for your bails, here you go.

Steep is a fusion mode for those of you who want that more sim-like experience. The very arcadey feel of Auto is reduced, and trick landing is much harder. The key difference is that the auto-landing assist only kicks in after you release the trick. With manual, you could be guided the whole way down without any assists, Steep landing mode is a halfway point between Manual and Auto.

There’s plenty of other cool stuff to learn. Maybe you want to make some custom events. You can use photo mode in Riders Republic to get a sweet shot of that new trick, or that beautiful vista. Use it however you want. Maybe try capturing some awesome Mass Event win. You could also play in Zen Mode and get some really awesome scenic views.

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