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Rhetoric is not absolute

As the various issues plaguing Null sec groups in EVE heat up, the ability of some people to be able to comprehend being consistent is rather lacking.

Of particular interest is the drama involving BNI and Karmafleet.  Both are Reddit based, both are newbro-centric, and both are at odds with the way the game should be played.  A recently leaked chat log involving some CFC members highlighted the mentality of some players, and seemingly the organization at large.

On the BNI side, a lot of people focused on certain statements that ran counter to the public ideology of BNI.


(9:28:29 PM) reagalan: So. Earlier today I had a domifleet with 230 dudes and great comp, full boosts, triage, fuckloads of capital support, 170 FYF support, 110 ishtar support, and bomber support. I had twice what the hostiles had in a doctrine that countered them. I could have jumped right into them while they were set up and wrecked their face earlier today.

Why didn’t I? Because the hostiles wanted me to do that. They wanted a fight. They would have lost that fight, but they would have got a fight. They would have gotten a handful of kills, and we would have gotten about an equal number in return.

But that isn’t the way we do things, and it never will be. I don’t want to give the enemies a single fucking inch of what they want. Not one bit. They either get helldunked or blueballed. There is no middle ground.

You have two options: get with the program, or fuck off and go join some elitepvp fuckfest who care about kill death ratios instead of playing the objective.

The issue with these statements is that they imply the CFC, and by extension Karma, are prone to weaponized boredom over actually giving some kind of content to their enemies in the form of active defense. This does not at all reflect the CFC mentality in totality. This is a classic hasty generalization. CFC members have their own reasons for not undocking or playing the objective over simply getting kills. The same can be said for BNI. No singular statement can encompass the mindset of a group, and no amount of fallacious reasoning will change that.

The situation was further inflamed when CFC head TheMittani entered the fray directly on Twitter. With these tweets [1] and [2].  The reaction was pretty standard.  More anti-CFC rhetoric, and fallacious assumptions, and more kneejerk counters from CFC and Karma.  The reaction  on both sides is indicative of why it’s difficult to say and do things in EVE without them falling to bias.

We humans are heavily biased and psychologically easy to manipulate.  And the same is true in the microcosm of society that is EVE.  Interpreting something someone else stated correctly, especially second-hand, can be extremely difficult.  We often find issues that are entirely of our own creation with the ideas and statements of others.  Both sides in this discussion seem to have fallen into the trap here.

In short, don’t believe everything you read on Reddit, and don’t allow it to color your perception on it’s own.  Seek out further information, expand your understanding and try to see what it is that drives the statement(s) you disagree with.  And if you still find issues, an increased knowledge of the situation will allow you to better rebuke them.

Now to Karmafleet and their role in this.  The Karmafleet presence on Reddit is by far less numerous than BNI, due to a simple numbers difference.  But the mentality and implications of their responses portray an equally illogical perception of the relations and differences between null sec entities.

The mindset can be summed up in this thread. While the idea of not allowing the words of someone with a tangential relationship to represent and entire group, the statements made afterwards paint a different picture.

The digs are actually funny and show more fear than anything else. The we always unlock idea is funny, I was in Brave and had countless times where I was told, “Just stay docked, they will go away”. Or “Sorry, should have docked up with the rest of us”…(While being attacked by two frigates in a belt. 89 blue were in system).

Choosing to welp as a sole strategy on 80% of the fleets I took part in was not my idea of Bravery, it had a huge ring of ignorance behind it. So the comments themselves: Worthless…

and then there is. . .

And like everything Mittani says, it’s 100% super serious internet spaceship business and to be taken as the literal word of your personal God. There’s no humor, pun, sillyness, or wit involved. We have grown far past such things.

Grrr gons hat gons kick karmafleet no fun allowed.

The first post reeks of anecdotal pointlessness.  There is obviously more to it than what these statements represent.  Were the author’s experiences on fun fleets where the ultimate goal is to die in pursuit of fun?  Were they simply the feeling after being a T1 frig meat shield in the Ewar fleet?  Citation needed.  Sure, there are moments in BNI, and the rest of Null, where there is little to no strategy.  But let’s be honest, the majority of this game’s major engagements, while involving massive logistics and large-scale coordination challenges, are more simple from a game mechanics standpoint.  The blob game is not about intricate and well coordinated movements of timing that involve extraordinary feats of manual dexterity.   There’s a reason mainline fleet members are referred to as “F1 monkeys”.

if these statements are taken at face value, they imply that when the CFC practices strategy or a lack thereof, it’s seemingly fine, but if BNI tries to do the same, they’re flawed and horrible.  I’ve heard several BNI members engage in similar reasoning on comms in the last few days.  Employing all manner of fallacies and assumptions to justify bashing the CFC or Karma.  So it seems this would apply to many others as well.

The second statement could do with a little coaching from the previous point I made in regards to the BNI reaction to the CFC chatlogs and other statements.  I’ve seen several Karma and BNI members alike engage in the same bit of histrionics and other mental leaps to justify their flawed interpretations of a situation.  Don’t let that be you.

This is EVE, we’re all in it together.  And despite some of the wacky things that happen, it’s still just a game.

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