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Resident Evil: Village may have multiple Playable characters, be an open-world game

Resident Evil: Village May Have Multiple Playable Characters and be Open-World

While the internet freaks out over the tall vampire lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil: Village, it hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from spinning. The rumors and leaks fly fast and loose with Capcom titles, and this big new AAA release is no different. That new big pursuer monster isn’t the only thing worth talking about with it comes to this game.

Despite the leaker having been right in the past, always take this stuff with a big grain of salt. Not only can they be wrong, but the details they provide are often very light on substance. This means that since they don’t want to get sued, don’t expect big huge spoilers. at least not until launch day. Anyway, on to the leaks.

The new Resident Evil: Village leaks revealed a few key facts about the game and how it plays. For one thing, there may be playable characters beyond protagonist Ethan Winters. Ethan came to prominence in RE7, a game that also featured Chris Redfield, a long-time icon of the franchise. And it turns out that Chris might be back. There are some circulating rumors that a third playable option was in the game, but some rumors point to that character having been cut. As for these leaks, there has been no confirmation of a third included playable option.

Aside from the roster being expanded, there’s one other big leak here. The game also has some open-world elements as well, although details are pretty lacking.

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Golem also revealed new details about the new character The Duke. The Duke is the mysterious merchant that shows up and acts as both merchant and herald of the game’s story progression. Players will encounter them throughout the game, and they will have some strange things to say. As the leaks point out, there may be hidden side levels and more in store for those paying enough attention.

Side areas in a Resident Evil game are no big deal, but to see Capcom make a more concerted push to hidden game elements and areas is a big deal. And it’s these side areas that tie into the open-world bits teased in there as well. We will have to wait until launch to know for sure.

The news on the RE front has been heavy this week. Resident Evil 4 remake has been handed off to a new team after Capcom was unhappy with progress.  There is some substance to be had beyond these leaks as well. When Resident Evil Village drops on May 7, we finally get to see more of the game and the new setting that Ethan has become trapped in. The game is also getting pretty substantial pre-order bonuses, as well as two different special editions. That game is also getting a special multiplayer mode called Resident Evil RE:Verse.

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